Short Notice Tests

We specialise in finding you earlier test dates, no more waiting for the standard 3 month wait in order to change your test time. We push forward your current test date to a time and place of your choosing.

We know how frustrating it can be waiting when you need pass it now so we have set up a service that allows you to choose your own test time and date along side with which test center you would like to take it at. We understand how important taking your test is so we have our own very dedicated staff ready to take your call or email when ever your ready. No need to wait any longer contact us now for a inquiry and see how easy it really is.


Not only is our service fast and efficient but also our prices are one of the lowest out there for this amazing service.And with our fully qualified instructors ready to answer and help you with any question or problems you might be having  they are able and ready to help you with your driving test.

Short Notice Driving Test

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